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Large Format Color: OKI® ColorPainter™

For large format printing the OKI ColorPainter series is deal for vehicle wraps and fleet graphics, indoor-outdoor signage, banners, backlit graphics, traffic signs, fine art printing and much more! Extremely efficient and cost effective for print shops, the ColorPainter will not only exceed your color expectations, but will change the way your shop produces. Contact us today for more information!

OKI ColorPainter Wide Format Color

Large Format Plans & Blueprints:
OKI® Teriostar

The OKI® Teriostar devices are ideal for engineers, development and planning, architects, builders, and cartographers. Direct to device high quality printing, as well as scan, copy and print direct on device. The Teriostar offers maximum uptime and is small enough to fit in on-site building trailers. Contact us today for more information or a demo on the Teriostar large format printer.

Large Format OKI Teriostar One color Printer

OKI® ColorPainter® M-64s™

The ColorPainter™ M-64s features the new print heads that realize a maximum print speed of 66.5 smph. Guard plates attached the print heads add more reliability and robustness to the ColorPainter M-64s.

  • Industrial Piezo Printheads (508 nozzles/head)
  • 7 Color Print (C,M,Y,K,LC,LM,G)
  • 3-year parts and 1 year on-site service
  • Approx. 20% less running costs than competition
  • Fantastic color matching
  • 365 sfph production speed two times competition speed
  • Print from a remote location
  • Comes standard with 7 1.5 liters of ink
  • Max resolution 900 dpi
  • Maximum Media Width: 1,626mm (64″)

OKI Teriostar LP 1050

Teriostar LP-1040

High Quality, equipment with lower operational costs than our competitors.

  • HIGH SPEED – 7.5 D size pages per minute
  • SCANNING – Fast scanning in color as well as black and white
  • Maximum uptime
  • Print direct to device
  • And much more!

OKI® ColorPainter™ E-64s

The ColorPainer™ E-64s meets customers’ needs for sharp, clear and bright backlit signs.

The SX inks achieve high-density colors and details in dark areas. The E-64s meets customers’ needs for sharp, clear and bright backlit signs.

  • 6 Industrial Piezo Printheads (254 nozzles/head)
  • 6 Color Print (C,M,Y,K,LC,LM)
  • Includes Onyx Rip Center
  • Take Up included
  • CP_Manager software
  • 3-way built-in heaters (Pre, Print, After); Max temp. 131 ºF(55 ºC)
  • Suitable for lower volume printing (less than 3 rolls a week).
  • And Much More!

Teriostar LP-2050

High Quality, equipment with lower operational costs than our competitor.

  • HIGH SPEED – 10 D size pages per minute
  • PRINT & SCAN – 600 DPI
  • PAPER FEED – 4 rolls
  • PRINT SIZE – 36″ up to 49′
  • SCANNING – Scan direct to file
  • And much more

OKI ColorPainter H3-104s Large Format

OKI Data® ColorPainter™ H3-104s

The ColorPainter® H3-104s accomplishes breakthrough print speed with low-odor eco solvent inks and further enhances image quality.

With its fastest print mode at 56.6 smph (609 sfph), the ColorPainter H3-104s is a perfect fit for printing large format banners and high volume printing in short turnaround times.

  • Maximum Media Width: 104″
  • Resolution: 900DPI
  • Color: 8 (C, M, Y, K, Lc, Lm, Gy, Lgy)
  • Ink Type: Low-Odor and Eco Solvent: SX
  • Effecient production time
  • Cost saving per square foot
  • Rich, deep color output
  • And much more!

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