Color Multifunction (All-In-One) and Laser Printers Made Easy

A variety of color multifunction all-in-one copier/printers with copy, print, scan and fax machine capabilities, and color laser printers at your fingerprints with Xerox and Preston Office Solutions. Never before has it been this easy for offices to stay productive, utilize color, and stay within operating budgets.

With Preston Office Solutions you also have the added benefit of LOCAL SALES, and LOCAL SERVICE. Our team of proefessionals is dedicated to keeping your office, and your equipment running at full effeciency.

The bold benefits of color.

Color isn’t just for special occasions when you want to impress or add a little emphasis. Color makes an enormous impact in everyday use – from marketing and advertising materials to dazzling your boss with engaging presentations and getting that proposal approved. Here’s why you should use it more liberally in your everyday communications.

Capturing the imagination

Research proves the power of color in capturing the attention of an audience. Upon immediate exposure to materials that represent you or your brand, viewers may accept or reject based on the presence of color. In fact, color makes an impression that is 39% more memorable, sells 80% more and improves brand recognition by up to a whopping 80%*.

Challenge the color-is-costly mindset

The “color as too costly” mindset is as antiquated as the very first print technology. When it comes to performance, today’s color printing with printers like the Xerox® VersaLink® C405 built on ConnectKey®Technology  and are comparable to mono printing in speed, advanced functionality and user friendliness, not to mention in networking and manageability.

Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology makes using color and saving money compatible with simple controls that can restrict usage and regulate color printing.