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Printer Leasing Spelled Out

In today’s competitive business market, companies of all sizes need to spend money where it makes the most sense. This is especially true for small and medium size businesses. Office printers are a key component to any company and printer leasing is an option that all small and medium businesses need to be looking at.

Leasing office printers also let you get better use out of your cash and are less expensive than traditional bank lines of credit and credit cards.

Purchasing a good quality multifunction office printer can be quite expensive and when you own a printer outright, you are responsible for the maintenance and repairs. In other words, when you own your own, you’re on your own!


Today’s printers do a lot more than just print or make copies. They can print, scan, fax, email, and of course make copies. They can be wirelessly joined to networks, and allow for wireless and mobile printing. They can print in color or black and white. They have security features to keep your data safe. They can even operate through the cloud giving you the option to save to and from your favorite cloud storage apps. Speaking of apps! Xerox® printers can easily be customized with apps of your choosing, and with their touchpad like interface, they are completely user friendly.

There are office printers to fit every kind of business need. Printer leasing can make the machine you want for your office attainable.

Bank Loans a Challenge?

When companies try and open lines of credit at their bank, the institution is looking at different criteria. When leasing equipment, those companies can look at their equipment as collateral value. The bottom line is that cash flow is paramount to most businesses.

In most cases, companies can lease office equipment with little or no money down, making the most of their cash flow. There are certain tax breaks to take advantage of as well.

Just because you may have been turned down for a bank loan doesn’t mean you can’t qualify for a lease. Leases typically do not require as high of a credit score. In most cases leasing enables you to get better equipment than if you had to use your own cash.

Benefits of Printer Leasing

When you opt to go with printer leasing, you get all the benefits of owning your own equipment. You can lease to own, or choose a true lease which is a great choice when technology is changing so rapidly. This way a few years down the road you are not stuck with equipment that is obsolete.

Xerox Toner Preston Office SolutionsWhen you lease from Preston Office Solutions you will be provided with maintenance and repair on the equipment. You will also be given the option for Managed Print Services which will include toner. Preston Office Solutions is also LOCAL and has LOCAL SALES and SERVICE, which means you will be provided with much better response times for repair so your office has as little down time as possible.


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