OKI Data® ColorPainter® M-64s

The newly-developed eco-solvent SX inks offer a wide color gamut, high vividness, high density, excellent outdoor durability and low running costs in addition to the low level of odor. The overall performance of SX inks meets the customer’s demand for higher productivity and better workplace environment.

The air flow inside the printer has been redesigned for faster ink drying. The air flow system brings air from the rear of the printer and then blows it along the front cover out of the printer. This air flow coupled with a large heater makes it possible to quickly dry even low odor inks.

The ColorPainter® M-64s comes with 1.5-liter large-capacity ink cartridges and built-in sub tanks to support continuous high-volume printing. The built-in sub tanks allow you to easily replace the ink cartridges without interrupting print jobs.

The ColorPainter® M-64s features the new print heads that realize a maximum print speed of 66.5 smph. Guard plates attached the print heads add more reliability and robustness to the ColorPainter M-64s.

  • Up to 716 sfph
  • Industrial Piezo Printheads (508 nozzles/head)
  • 7 Color Print (C,M,Y,K,LC,LM,G)
  • 1.5 Liter Ink
  • Includes Onyx Rip Center
  • 3-year parts and 1 year on-site service
  • Approx. 20% less running costs than competition
  • Fantastic color matching
  • 365 sfph production speed two times competition speed
  • Print from a remote location
  • Comes standard with 7 1.5 liters of ink
  • Max resolution 900 dpi
  • Low odor eco-solvent, green stamp. Can operate in a hospital

Watch the M-64s in action.

Preston Office Solutions Large Format OKI Data ColorPainter M64s

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