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Data security used to be a concern relegated to large enterprises. Small and medium size business (SMB) owners were more likely to worry about their information security as customers than in a business context. But as the digital age evolves, the security threat landscape is becoming more complex, and SMBs are increasingly in the crosshairs. Nearly half of all cyber attacks target small businesses, and the losses aren’t small. In fact, the average loss for every 100 compromised records is $25,450– to say nothing of the damage a breach could do to your company’s reputation.

Although a Xerox study showed that more than 40% of businesses still rely primarily on paper processes, most don’t make print security a priority, choosing to focus instead on their desktops, laptops and servers – if there’s a security plan in place at all. Hackers know this.

Many businesses don’t appreciate the seriousness of the risk. Today’s new multifunction printers are going beyond print, scan, fax and copy to truly help SMBs increase productivity and improve the way they work. But left unsecured, any intelligent networked device can act as an open door to the network if left unprotected. Reports of MFPs being hacked through open ports is becoming more common and demonstrates the need to ensure devices are protected from unauthorized access.

Another surprising risk comes from your people themselves. From BYOD to paper left in the printer tray to simple mistakes made by a busy employee, team members, though well intentioned, can be a serious security risk, one that is likely to fly under your radar. Fortunately, there are several ways to minimize the risks to your business, and they are surprisingly easy to manage.

Assess the Threat

If you’re a larger organization with a diverse printer fleet, you should strongly consider enlisting the help of a Document Management Services (DMS) provider to assess device, fleet and enterprise document security. An assessment will locate the existing points of vulnerability and help you put a customized security plan in place that takes into account all factors, from user access to what to do with the device and its stored data when it’s time to upgrade.

Integrate Device Protection

Hard drive encryption is standard on most MFPs, along with data overwrite features. Data overwriting can help you safely upgrade to a new device when the time comes, without worrying what information is leaving with it. A sound, comprehensive device protection service ensures that your MFPs do not provide open access to the network, and that all open ports are closed as needed. Lastly, enabling automatic firmware and software updates means you never have to worry about installing patches or making other manual adjustments. You’ll always have the most up to date protection, without any interruption to your workflows, or assigning additional responsibilities to your team members.

Preston Office Solution Small Medium Business Security

Secure Your network

There are a number of ways to make your MFP more secure. The most common way is to encrypt print jobs to make it safe for sensitive documents to be printed via a wired or wireless network. Xerox MFPs use a comprehensive set of capabilities to prevent malicious attacks and unauthorized access. Those devices enabled with Xerox® ConnectKey®Technology also feature McAfee® Embedded Control technology which uses application whitelisting technology to protect its devices from corrupt software and malware. You can get a look at the latest Xerox devices we offer here.

Regain Control

Few business owners restrict print access because most don’t realize the threat posed by unrestricted printing. While your team members will likely never put your business at risk deliberately, mistakes like leaving critical data in a printer tray can easily lead to a breach – not to mention the print costs that add up when people print documents they don’t need. PIN and pull printing enables print jobs to be saved electronically on the device, or on an external server, until the authorized user is ready to print them. The user provides a PIN code or other authentication method such as a swipe card, or fingerprint to release the print once they’ve arrived at the printer. No more wasted paper, and no more unsecured information sitting in the printer tray. Access controls can also ensure that only authorized users can access your MFP’s functionalities, an important feature when you’re using a printer with app technology, or one that holds sensitive information on its hard drive.

Preston Office Solutions ConnectKey


Monitor Your Devices Now and Into the Future

The more devices and employees you have, the more complicated the task of understanding what is being printed, scanned and copied where and by whom. A knowledgeable DMS partner can integrate print management tools that will allow them to monitor and track the usage of every MFP in your organization, giving you valuable feedback like which devices are being used, how, and by whom. This is an important piece of the puzzle as it not only protects the security of your devices and the information they store; it can ultimately lead to reduced costs and a more effective document management system.

For most businesses, print security is an overlooked risk and an under-appreciated benefit. By entrusting a DMS provider to build an integrated approach to print security, you can protect your most valuable asset, your data, in a way that is hassle and headache free.

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Preston Office Solutions Document Management

ROI on Document Management Services

How to Maximize Your ROI on Document Management Services
Though document management sounds like a complicated process that’s reserved for large corporations, it’s actually something that every business – of every size – does every day. In fact, your office is doing it right now as we speak. Simply put, document management is the printing, copying, and filing you do daily; it’s how you interact with the documents you use to get your job done. It’s also key to helping your business improve productivity and security, and to everyone’s favorite benefit, reducing costs.

Despite talk of the “paperless office,” some 40% of all business processes are still document driven, according to a survey by Xerox. Switching from paper to digital workflows has the power to transform the way your business operates. In addition to saving time and money, digitizing paper processes can enhance collaboration, and even help to secure your data, a concern which should definitely be at the top of your list.

True digitization involves creating an end-to-end solution that includes document routing, storing, sharing and printing. It should also incorporate mobile print and cloud solutions, as well as state-of-the-art security. Lastly, it should automate your most complex document workflows to make your work day easier.

Here are a few simple guidelines to help you know you’re getting the maximum ROI on your document management investment.

It Boosts Security
Your document management should absolutely be addressing document security. Did you know that 43% of all cyber attacks that occurred in 2015 targeted small businesses? Or that a survey done by Keeper Security and Ponemon Institute found that half of all small businesses in 2016 had experienced a security breach within the past year?
The Xerox Small Business Solutions blog writes, “The security threat landscape is enormously complex, requiring businesses to protect everything from their devices to their data and their networks, with many often overlooking the security vulnerabilities of today’s advanced multifunction printers (MFPs). For many SMBs, the answer is putting data security in the hands knowledgeable MPS provider with access to a range of services and tools which can be adapted and expanded as business needs change.

It Lessens Your Workload
An effective document management solution should simplify the workflows you rely on every day – not create new ones.

A truly effective digitization strategy should allow you to use your digital documents the same way you do your paper documents – meaning, you should still be able to annotate, collate, and collaborate any way you see fit. Your scan/capture solution should allow you to create editable, searchable files that can be scanned right into existing document repositories, applications, and document management systems to simplify and automate your workflows. Done well, this should significantly reduce the amount of time and energy you’ll spend searching for information.

Printers and multifunction printers (MFPs) with Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology enable you to scan directly into a breadth of cloud-based services including Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive and Office 365, while ConnectKey Apps simplify the way you scan and share documents to and from email accounts, DocuShare or Microsoft Office tools. Read more about devices that might be right for your business.

The Xerox CapturePoint Transformer App lets you streamline your document workflows even more by securely scanning documents and importing them directly into the proper apps, transforming paper into editable, actionable information. You can even create customized workflows such as scanning to email, FTP, shared network folders, USB and multiple destinations.

It Drives Real Value
Digitization should go beyond convenience to drive real business value. Results from IDC’s Content Workflow Automation Survey showed that organizations who made strides toward digitizing, automating, and optimizing their document workflows:

  • Reduced the percentage of time spent on document-related tasks each week by 17.2%
  • Saved an average of 3.1 hours each week on document-related tasks
  • Experiences a 3% reduction in paper documents
  • Decreased the time spent looking for and/or recreating lost or misfiled documents by 12.5%
  • Reduced the costs of storing documents by an average of 41.2%

Preston Office Solutions Document Management


The Role of MPS
Managed Print Services (MPS) provides a bridge between paper and digital. Naturally, digitization starts with scanning. But scanning in terms of digitization is complex. Digitization should be approached as an end-to-end strategy and most businesses need guidance when it comes to implementing an effective solution. Simply scanning document-by-document leads to additional challenges rather than lessening them. An MPS assessment can show you how to integrate digital and hard copy processes so that information flows smoothly, predictably, and efficiently throughout your organization. By implementing an end-to-end MPS solution that includes print, document workflow, cloud technology, security and mobile, you can accelerate your digital transformation and achieve the maximum benefits.

Better document management is a truly transformative process that can help you work better, more securely, and with lower operating costs. If you’re not sure where to start, our team can alleviate many of the pain points that have prevented you from making the switch – challenges like investment costs and potential disruption to your existing business processes.

Contact Preston Office Solutions at (435) 628-2997 TODAY for an assessment and we’ll help you explore the returns you can expect for your document management investment.

The Power of Apps

In today’s world, it’s hard not to notice the power of apps. We use them every day on our phones, tablets and computers. They make us more productive then we have ever been.

We use apps in our everyday life to listen to our favorite radio or t.v. stations, check for sports updates and scores, make reservations, play games, translate languages, get directions, check weather, balance our bank accounts and much more!

Now you can use them on your office printers.

The Power of Apps

Apps make our life better so why not use them for your office productivity? With Xerox ConnectKey technology you get convenience, productivity, security and cost control.

You can download apps to any ConnectKey enabled Xerox printer for a variety of functions and tap into the power of apps.

Today most everyone is taking advantage of cloud based services. Dropbox, Google Drive and Office 365 are just a few that are used for storage services and more.

Xerox ConnectKey has apps for all of these services to make file sharing and printing a breeze from anywhere.

Manage Your Office Workflow

You can scan documents to email and print from any mobile device through the cloud. You can send personalized messages to all of the MFP’s in your office or company, such as, general communication, promotions etc.

You can translate documents in over 40 languages and fax through the cloud. Xerox can even work with you and vendors to customize an app that is perfect for your company and its business requirements.

As you can see, it is easier than ever to manage your business with ConnectKey technology and the power of apps. From company communication to removing repetitive workflows to getting more out of your investment.

ConnectKey Technology

ConnectKey technology provides a tablet like interface on you MFP. You can use it it like any other smart device like your cell phone.

This technology is mobile and cloud ready. It comes with built in security to protect your confidential data and offers managed print services.

Isn’t it time you started managing your office the same way you manage your personal life? It’s all possible through the power of apps!

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Choosing Preston Office Solutions means working with a business partner that cares about its local relationships. And because we exclusively partner with the nation’s leading office equipment manufacturers, you can rest assured that you are getting the QUALITY your business deserves.

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Lease Copiers Printers Preston Office Solutions

Printer Leasing Spelled Out

Lease Copiers Printers Preston Office Solutions

In today’s competitive business market, companies of all sizes need to spend money where it makes the most sense. This is especially true for small and medium size businesses. Office printers are a key component to any company and printer leasing is an option that all small and medium businesses need to be looking at.

Leasing office printers also let you get better use out of your cash and are less expensive than traditional bank lines of credit and credit cards.

Purchasing a good quality multifunction office printer can be quite expensive and when you own a printer outright, you are responsible for the maintenance and repairs. In other words, when you own your own, you’re on your own!


Today’s printers do a lot more than just print or make copies. They can print, scan, fax, email, and of course make copies. They can be wirelessly joined to networks, and allow for wireless and mobile printing. They can print in color or black and white. They have security features to keep your data safe. They can even operate through the cloud giving you the option to save to and from your favorite cloud storage apps. Speaking of apps! Xerox® printers can easily be customized with apps of your choosing, and with their touchpad like interface, they are completely user friendly.

There are office printers to fit every kind of business need. Printer leasing can make the machine you want for your office attainable.

Bank Loans a Challenge?

When companies try and open lines of credit at their bank, the institution is looking at different criteria. When leasing equipment, those companies can look at their equipment as collateral value. The bottom line is that cash flow is paramount to most businesses.

In most cases, companies can lease office equipment with little or no money down, making the most of their cash flow. There are certain tax breaks to take advantage of as well.

Just because you may have been turned down for a bank loan doesn’t mean you can’t qualify for a lease. Leases typically do not require as high of a credit score. In most cases leasing enables you to get better equipment than if you had to use your own cash.

Benefits of Printer Leasing

When you opt to go with printer leasing, you get all the benefits of owning your own equipment. You can lease to own, or choose a true lease which is a great choice when technology is changing so rapidly. This way a few years down the road you are not stuck with equipment that is obsolete.

Xerox Toner Preston Office SolutionsWhen you lease from Preston Office Solutions you will be provided with maintenance and repair on the equipment. You will also be given the option for Managed Print Services which will include toner. Preston Office Solutions is also LOCAL and has LOCAL SALES and SERVICE, which means you will be provided with much better response times for repair so your office has as little down time as possible.


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Local Service Preston Office Solutions

Think Preston: Local Copiers – It’s Good for Business

St. George Utah Preston Office SolutionsLocal Copiers and Local Economy/Environment

Today, it’s no secret that there are many benefits to buying local. Where you decide to shop can make a huge impact on the local economy and the environment. The same goes for buying or leasing local copiers and printers.

Local business actually generates 70% more local economic activity per square foot than big box stores.


There are just a few choices when buying or leasing copiers and printers.

  1. Direct from manufacturer
  2. Local authorized dealer
  3. Big box office supply stores
  4. Online (eBay etc.)

What is the Cost?

Usually the first question that a business owner has is “how much is it going to cost me?” There is always the idea that buying direct from a manufacturer is cheaper. This is just not the case.

Everyone in the business buys at the same wholesale price from the same sources. So local copiers purchased from local dealers actually come with less overhead which means that the cost savings are passed down to you.

But one thing that we all know is that cost is definitely not everything.

Local Service Preston Office SolutionsPreston Office Solutions Service Guarantee

Chances are if you talk to anyone who has been in the business for a long time, they will tell you that local dealers provide you with better service.

When it comes to business, time is money. Preston Office Solutions provides fast, local expert service to St. George, Utah and surrounding areas including Cedar City and Mesquite, Nevada.

People tend to think that factory technicians can service a copier/printer better than anyone else. That is simply not true. Service technicians go through the same training/certification programs no matter who they work for.

Factory technicians are not local. Service calls have to be coordinated through a corporate system. This process adds precious time to a routine service call. Quite simply, local is faster, and that equates to money saved.

At Preston Office Solutions, our service technicians go above and beyond to get to know you, and your network. This will expedite the process if repair or maintenance is needed.

Managed Print Services

What is managed print services? MPS is a “pay as you go” model. This is great for small, medium, and large businesses who want to manage their spending when it comes to office printing.

Businesses only pay for what they use, and service and toner is included. This is a great way to control costs and manage budgets. It also leaves a smaller footprint on the environment and provides greater security.

Your local Preston Office Solutions service technicians provide all of the onsite service and repair, as well as preventive maintenance.

Free Evaluation and Report

Concerned with the performance of your current office equipment, or not sure what you need? Preston Office Solutions can run a full and complimentary analysis on any networked multifunction copier/printers and office laser printers.

Why Choosing Local and Choosing Preston Office Solutions is Your Best Choice: THINK PRESTON!

Choosing Preston Office Solutions means working with a business partner that cares about its local relationships. And because we exclusively partner with the nation’s leading office equipment manufacturers, you can rest assured that you are getting the QUALITY your business deserves.

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Local Business with Deep Roots

Preston Office Solutions Welcome_2

Greetings Readers!

Welcome to the New Year and our new blog. As your local source for office copier/printers we will be posting helpful tips and quips from our industry. For those of you who are new to the Preston brand we thought we would introduce ourselves with an article written by St. George Health and Wellness Magazine.


How Preston Got Started

Preston Family BusinessWhen young Richard Preston hand-delivered fliers to Saint George residents in 1976 to promote his parent’s new business, R & K Bookstore, he never imaged he would be the owner of an expanding and successful business of his own and the central link in a three-generation chain of local businesses. At that time, Richard’s father, Ken, had already instilled in him – by word and example – the secrets to success in business and in life: have integrity; build quality relationships; be fearless; be determined; keep your word; go above and beyond. Using these values as his guide, Richard opened Preston Office Supply in 1983.

The Local Touch

Today, the Preston sales and service team gladly provides what they call “the local touch”: a free evaluation and analysis of any business’s office printing needs and equipment. Using the results, the Preston team works with business owners to decide what options are best. Through this service, they are often able to save clients money and boost their productivity.

We Find Solutions For Every Type of Business

Many local businesses have experienced Preston’s unique customer care. A local pharmacy had, for years, purchased all of their office printers and copiers from large national chains, often online. While their online purchases appeared to be cheaper it turned out that they were not, additionally they had no one to turn to when the equipment broke or malfunctioned: the pharmacy would simply throw the broken equipment away and purchase another. Preston Office Solutions was able to evaluate the pharmacy’s needs, set them up with a new copier/printer on a cost per page plan (Managed Print Services), and save them thousands of dollars a year while providing local service and equipment that worked.

How Preston’s Is Different

According to Richard, this is the difference between a concierge service experience and a “shopping” experience.

Looking back over the years, Richard recognizes that the Preston name has been solidly associated with the Saint George business community for nearly thirty-five years.

Think Preston

“Big box stores and big corporations can move in,” he says, “but with Preston Office Solutions, you will always get treated with respect and the suggestions we make will be in our customers best interest.” “Preston Office Solutions makes personalized service the heart of the way we conduct business.”

Preston Office Solutions, located at 314 N. 3050 E. in Saint George, is a successful office equipment company. It is an authorized partner with Xerox, offering the nations best document technology for businesses and medical providers, as well they are an authorized Oki Data large format printer partner, which provides printing solutions for building engineers, planners, architects and designers. Contact Preston Office Solutions at or (435) 628-2997.